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The Turnbow Butterfly Series
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Increase circulation and improve immune system while removing metabolic waste & flushing toxins that collect and inflame muscles where disease forms. Reduce risks associated with inactivity and the heart. Massage in general is being used at an increased rate for numerous conditions.
The Butterfly is ergonomically designed to extend your range of motion and in turn increase your range of motion by choosing a proactive and preventative tool. By providing people with limited mobility an extended range of motion, the Butterfly enables them to reach otherwise hard to reach areas of the body.
Current products on the market are configured such that 100% of the generated force comes from the muscles in the wrist. With nearly 50 million people in the US afflicted by arthritis, this is a strong concern.
The lower body carries the weight. Cellulite, femoral artery & lymphatic area, often absorbs excess pressure to offset problems because of the lower back, hip, knees, feet, ankles, etc.
"The Turnbow Butterfly would be great for some of my patients."
– Susan E. Cohn M.D.
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
"As a former military officer, I've traveled around the world and have experienced deployments with unsanitary conditions. When I deployed to LA following the hurricanes in 2005, a primary concern was hygiene. When we landed and set up our operations, we had no power, no communication, no potable water, and no shelter of any kind. Our options were limited to baby wipes or nothing. We went nearly a week before self-contained shower units arrived. Even then, the conditions were less than ideal. When water is in short supply, bathing is limited or unavailable, and the need to minimize trash is required, the Turnbow Butterfly will be an essential hygiene tool for our military forces."
– Mark Gauger
LtCol (ret) USAF & MANG
"The Turnbow Butterfly will empower individuals to take an active role in their health, mind & spirit... Total well being!"
– Donna Lieberman
"The Butterfly Body & Skin Care Tools offer significant health benefits over current products. The ergonomic design allows self care for hard to reach places. Not only can cosmeceuticals be applied, the benefits of massage will help increase circulation therefore promote healing. The Butterfly series of tools is a proactive solution to care for the entire body. In my opinion due to the revolutionary design, patients will be empowered to participate in their rehabilitation and health. I strongly endorse this product."
– Ryon M. Hennessy, M.D.
Orthopedic Specialists, S.C.
"All products have exceeded expectations. I use the cremes for skin conditions, irritations more specifically dry cracked skin on hands during winter. The skin is the first line of defense, Grace Wellness protects it."
– Mike C.
United States Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran & Illinois business owner
"This product is truly effective."
– Bret Schaller, Sanford NC
Schaller Industries
"The Turnbow Butterfly, will give elder residents in Assisted Living homes, as well as those living at home, needing health care aids the opportunity to take control of their ADL's once more. Restoring respect and encouraging their independence, at the same time lowering the high cost of one on one care. I highly recommend the Turnbow Butterfly!"
– Patricia Thomas
Assisted Living Coordinator
"As a working professional make-up artist in the entertainment industry for over 25 years, I come across a lot of products. Debbra's Aromatherapy Butter Cremes are among the best I have ever used. Debbra's commitment to quality and integrity is very important to me. The scents are perfectly pleasing, the texture and consistency easy to apply and very wearable. I have been using the Butter Cremes on my body for quite a while and notice a beautiful difference in the quality of my skin."
– Robin S., Hollywood CA
TV Shows: The Closer, Friends, Jesse, Veronica's Closet
"Debbra Thank you! Sunshine aromatherapy creme has improved the overall health of my skin... It has replaced two medicated ointments one of which containing steroids. My Mother and Grandmother are no longer witness to any pain or stress associated with irritation I used to suffer from. They use Grace Wellness Cremes daily as well. Grandmother applies Sacred Mother to her face & wakes up smelling and feeling wonderful. My mother is a dance instructor and she uses Sugar Baby for her busy feet. The Creme is truly physically and emotionally effective. I Love It!!!"
– Molly G.
"To say the least, I was captivated from the moment you began the demonstration of the prototype of your invention. As you went through the benefits and attachments I was mesmerized and just wanted to get my hands on it. After testing the Butterfy and feeling the ease of function, usability and flexibility, it is my belief that it is every woman's dream to be able to shower, moisturize and massage their entire body especially the back with the flip of the wrist. With this invention the possibilities are endless for its use. I joyously await the opportunity to purchase my very own."
– Ruth A., Los Angeles CA
"When Debbra first told me about the product I thought to myself 'how different can a lotion applicator really be?'‚ then I saw it and I thought sleek, sturdy and revolutionary. This isn't just a lotion applicator; this is a versatile wellness tool. Since that time there have been many occasions where I thought that myself or someone or I know could benefit from this tool. I wish it were already on the shelves!"
– Kristin M., Nashville TN
"When Debbra introduced me to the Butterfly I knew it had the potential to be life altering... and it is! This product will become your new shower buddy. It is versatile and will meet all your expectations. As a healthcare professional I can appreciate the potential of the Butterfly. The extended arms are great for someone with limited range and mobility. This can surely make life a lot easier. I am excited about this product and its therapeutic potential. My hope is that one day in the near future the medical community will recognize and embrace this product. It appeals to all ages: I believe the benefits are going to be significant. The Butterfly gets my vote!"
– Karen C., Brentwood CA
Registered Nurse
"I was diagnosed with chronic arthritis and was told that I needed physical therapy. I am looking forward to being able to use the Butterfly for my own personal use and keep my pain under control. I know that the massages I will be obtaining from the Butterfly will help me tremendously, especially because I will be able to use as much or as little pressure that is needed for my rehabilitation. All good will come from this apparatus."
– Georgiana F.
"I have used the Butterfly unit recently and I would like to share my experience after using it. I have had two back surgeries, knee surgery and I have Sjogrens, which causes me a great deal of pain and discomfort. Your invention allows me extended range of motion. I know that your apparatus will allow me to reach the areas in my body that tend to spasm and hurt; therefore, I will be able to reach these areas independently. I feel that if I had this during my recovery periods it would have been a tremendous benefit and aid to my healing."
– Linda D., Studio City CA
"Although my Aunt Virg was living in an assisted living facility she was very independent. She bathed herself daily and even though she owned a bath brush she still could not reach her back. There would be times she would wait 20 to 30 minutes for someone to wash her back. I wish your skin care and body tool would have been available for her. I know I will buy one for myself and I will buy them for friends and family."
– Cathy B.
"Debbra, Thank you. What you do and your products, there is just an energy to it. An energy that relaxes me and puts me in a different place..."
– GiGi R., Crystal Lake IL

About Us

Debbra Turnbow-Faraci
President and Founder

With an extensive experience of healing arts and vast knowledge of the human form, Debbra Turnbow-Faraci has taken transformation to a new level. The solution set for personal health of mind, body, and spirit. Conception to completion, our approach strives to improve the quality of life for all individuals while conscious of the environment.

Ryon M. Hennessy, M.D.

Dr. Hennessy graduated from Rush Medical School in 1991. He completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center in 1996. He subsequently completed a one year fellowship in spinal surgery at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center and Chicago Shriners Hospital. In addition to the practice of general orthopedics, Dr. Hennessy has a special interest in spinal surgery and joint replacement as well as sports medicine.

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